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Entries from October 2013

DT 128 - Community Based Social Media & BBM

October 31st, 2013 · Comments

Not very spooky  topics for Halloween night, as we have a candid conversation with two top notch social media consultants. Vickie McLeod and Sean Smith join me to discuss small ball social media. Community based social media, reaching around the block instead of around the world.

Isaac Kendall returns to chat about BBM, with over 20 million downloads in less than a week. Is it representative of a change in Blackberry's fortunes?

And Julian Sanders, from London Drugs talks Tablets and WIndows 8.1, including the long awaited return of the Start Button!

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DT 127 - Gillian Shaw on Apple’s Announcements

October 24th, 2013 · Comments

It was a big week in the tech world as both Apple and Microsoft made major announcements on Tuesday. We cover both announcements with outstanding guests. 
Gillian Shaw covers all the Apple news as we talk about the new iPad Air, Macbook Pros and MacPro. 
Julian Sanders of London Drugs covers the Microsoft side of the week, as the Redmond gang also has tablet news, as well as HUGE news, the Start Button is back! 
The largest Social Media conference in North America is the huge Social Media Camp each year in Victoria, the founders, Paul Holmes and Chris Burdge chat about Social Media Bootcamp, a roadshow versions of the Camp that is currently rolling through Southern BC. 

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DT-126 App Thursday

October 18th, 2013 · Comments

App Wednesday moves to App Thursday this week and we had a classic battle royal, no holds barred, last man over the top, gobsmacker!
We have Rebecca Bollwitt, Isaac Kendall, John Biehler and Art Factora. 
The winning app this week is one of my all time favourites! 

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DT 125 - Mike Vardy and Michael Craggs

October 10th, 2013 · Comments

After the better part of 3 years it is moving day on Dotto Tech. We have switched from our traditional Wednesday Night timeslot to Thursday.

We have a terrific show for this first of our Thursday Night offerings.  Mike Vardy leads off talking productivity and more productivity.

Then we welcome a new guest, Michael Craggs of Ergo Canada, ergonomic specialists, we are going to talk about "Sit/Stand Desks" and options. I am really intrigued by this concept!

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DT 124 - Blackberry, Galaxy Gear & KickStarter

October 3rd, 2013 · Comments

This week the Globe and Mail published an outstanding report on where BlackBerry went wrong, Jacquie McNish was one of the lead writers on the feature. She joined us to discuss what they found, and where the blame can be placed, and there is a lot of blame to spread around! You can find the report at The Globe & Mail.
Ken Price, of Samsung fills us in on 2 of Samsung's flagship products for the winter, the humungous Note 3, and the intriguing Galaxy Gear smart watch. Chris Hobbs, one of Two Tall Totems and his brother, David, the other Tall Totem have developed some very cool collaborate screen technology for tablets (, with an educational application to start but far more potential in the enterprise and business space to come. They also floated the project as one of the first Kickstarter projects in Canada, an interesting experience t say the least.

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DT 123 Mari Smith on Social Media Success Summit

October 3rd, 2013 · Comments

Mari Smith joins us to chat about an upcoming month long online conference, Social Media Success Summit 2013. It is an online conference that brings together some 25 social media luminaries, who each give 45 minute presentations spaced out through October.
We also discuss the latest news from FaceBook and the social media front.
Paul Demara weighs in on the devastating news Blackberry released last week as 4500 employees were given their walking papers. the future of Canada's High Tech darling is in the balance. 

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