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Dotto Tech 103 - Social Media Camp, Northern Voice and Zombies

April 10th, 2013

There are some terrific Social Media Events coming up in BC over the next few months.
In May, the 4th Social Media Camp, will take place in Victoria BC. There are keynotes from Social Media luminaries, workshops and award shows.
Chris Burdge is our guest.
If one social media event is cool, two must be, well, cooler, Northern Voice is a bloggers' conference, in it’s 9th year. Shane Birley and Ben Able fill us in on what to expect in June, at Northern Voice.
Samsung has been showcasing their vision of the future of education at Riverside Secondary in PoCo.
Philippe Lozier,of Samsung takes time to explain the vision and tell us how the initiative is going with Samsung School.
Darci LaRocque is hosting an iPad and iPhone workshop, for beginer to intermediate students,
And, London Drugs very own Julian Sanders completes his list of the must have accessories for tablet users.