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DT 124 - Blackberry, Galaxy Gear & KickStarter

October 3rd, 2013

This week the Globe and Mail published an outstanding report on where BlackBerry went wrong, Jacquie McNish was one of the lead writers on the feature. She joined us to discuss what they found, and where the blame can be placed, and there is a lot of blame to spread around! You can find the report at The Globe & Mail.
Ken Price, of Samsung fills us in on 2 of Samsung's flagship products for the winter, the humungous Note 3, and the intriguing Galaxy Gear smart watch. Chris Hobbs, one of Two Tall Totems and his brother, David, the other Tall Totem have developed some very cool collaborate screen technology for tablets (, with an educational application to start but far more potential in the enterprise and business space to come. They also floated the project as one of the first Kickstarter projects in Canada, an interesting experience t say the least.