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Dotto Tech Show 105 - Galaxy S4 and Twitter for Skeptics

April 24th, 2013

Samsung is once again making noise on the phone front. The Galaxy S4 is sure to turn heads, as it is the most technically advanced phone on the market.

Gillian Shaw ( and John Biehelr ( join Steve to discuss what impressed them with the phane and where it comes up short.

Are you on the Twitter bandwagon yet? Don Power thinks you should climb aboard!
He has a new book out, Twitter for Skeptics, he fills us in in some of the best arguments for Twitter, and why it has a place in your business life.

Eileen Reppenhagen ( has a series of resources available for teachers to help instruct kids on financial and tax literacy. It is an area we come up short in most of our education programs. Tablet and smartphone essential peripherals, Julian Sanders of