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DT 131 App Thursday & Google Glass

November 28th, 2013

App Thursday
Bonus - Google Glass
John Biehler showed up for taping this weeks show with Google Glass perched on his schnoz. For all of us in the room this was our first exposure to Google's venture into wearable technology.
Google Glass is causing quite a stir as it is a compelling and interesting technology that will have profound social impact. There are challenges around privacy, propriety, distraction, a myriad of issues accompany the introduction of Google Glass.
After we had a quick chat with John about his experiences using Google Glass, we got down to the business of the day, App Thursday, a grand battle between:
  • Art Factora
  • John Biehler
  • David Hathaway
  • Isaac Kendall
And what a battle it was! We probably had more great apps in this particular episode than any previous show. The winner, you'll have to tune in to find out!